Integrated Discord - Sheets

We've integrated our spreadsheets and boards to work with Discord to ensure a simple yet effective method of management. Our members are able to adjust their data across our spreadsheets via integrated bot commands within Discord. This lets us avoid the hassle of dealing with hundreds of spreadsheet permissions or confusing edits. The above combined with our in-house coded Discord Bots lets us provide our members with an array of tools to enter and update data effortlessly.

Update data via Discord
Realtime sheet updates
Phone & PC compatibility
No messy permissions
No confusing edits

Automated Infrastructure

In our vision to push guild organization to its limits, we’ve established Discord as our primary platform and have built our features around it. Everything from our application process to the tools we use on a daily basis are fully automated thanks to the tools we’ve created. By automating our infrastructure, time that would normally be dedicated towards menial tasks is instead utilized towards other activities.

Automated application process
Detailed statistic tracking
Custom coded tools
Raid Setup & Management

Experienced Leadership

Experienced Leadership that will not waste your time. Everything about us, ranging from our shotcalling to our PvP experience is tailored towards large-scale PvP content. We are focused on being the best at siege content and we showcase the above in everything we do. Besides this, we believe in good PR, hence we organize a multitude of projects for the community.

Experienced Shotcallers
Structured Raid Comms
Organized Logistics
No Bullshit

Community Projects

We believe in building and maintaining good public relations, hence we organize a multitude of projects for the community. Ranging from in-depth guides, articles, resources to helping new guilds and content creators with logos, banners and overlays. Establishing a good rapport with the community is something that has always been a part of our key focus.

Community Platform
Guides and Resources
Feature Articles & Projects
Creating Quality Content

Web-API Market Hub

Ashes of Creation is a vast world with each node having its own unique economy. However as focused players, our interests lie in buying/selling at the best possible prices. To this extent, we’re working on a web-api based market hub where data entered into Discord is recorded into market spreadsheets using our automated infrastructure, allowing real-time updates by players across our server.

Purchase/Sales offer listing
Server-wide price checks
Market statistics

Alliance Features

Guilds that are part of an alliance with us are given full access to our logistics, spreadsheets, boards and infrastructure, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve.

Shared intel and logistics
Alliance Warehouse logging
Centralized spreadsheet tools
Trello/RT/Google board access